What Causes Arthritis Pain? | Lifestyle Choices Impact Arthritis

The overwhelming majority of adults in the United States (as well as most adults worldwide) may find themselves struggling with arthritis pain at one stage or another. Finding out what causes arthritis pain is definitely going to help you have a happier and healthier lifestyle

We at least have a much better idea of what causes arthritis pain – and that helps us to manage, mitigate and eliminate as much of this pain as possible. Below you are going to find inside information that will help you effectively combat arthritic pain going forward, helping you to live the kind of happy, healthy, and successful lifestyle you deserve.

If you or someone you love has been wondering “what causes arthritis pain” and want to find effective solutions, let’s dive right in!

What Causes Arthritis Pain?

When it comes to figuring out what causes arthritis pain, it’s important to remember there are two different kinds pain that you deal with:

  1. Acute pain: that rears its head spontaneously but eventually dissipates, really making it difficult to lead a normal lifestyle.
  2. Chronic pain: that can last for at least as long as three months, the kind of pain that is a little bit less intense but can completely change your lifestyle.

Both of these kinds of pain are caused by arthritis issues, though acute is usually triggered by lifestyle choices and the food that you eat whereas chronic pain is often caused by a breakdown in your joints and ligaments.

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Lifestyle Choices Impact Arthritis Pain Significantly

A sedentary lifestyle is devastating to our bodies, literally breaking down our strength and causing our bodies to wear out much faster than they would have if we maintained an active lifestyle.

The food that we fuel our bodies with also has a tremendous impact on whether or not we are going to suffer with acute arthritic pain issues, especially foods that are heavy in preservatives and sugar as both of these cause major information that forces arthritis to swell all over the body.

So what causes arthritis pain the most?

Poor dietary choices and a lifestyle without enough action!

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Medical Issues Contribute to Chronic Arthritic Pain

If you are living with a debilitating condition that eats away at the soft tissue in your joints or ligaments, you will inevitably have bone on bone rubbing situations – and that’s going to make arthritic pain shoot through the roof. This is the kind of pain that is very constant, chronic, and ever present, the kind of arthritic pain that can be really challenging to manage on a routine basis.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what causes arthritis pain, as well as a number of ideas to help you better manage and mitigate these issues. Figuring out the causes of arthritis pain is only one small piece of the puzzle – destroying arthritis and getting it out of your life once and for all is the ultimate goal!

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