Osteoarthritis Prevention | Tips for Long-term Joint Health

Get the Inside Scoop on Osteoarthritis Prevention

If you're interested in osteoarthritis prevention, you should know that there are steps that you can take which will minimize the risk of osteoarthritis. Today, we'd like to share these practical tips with you. All are easy to follow and very beneficial for the whole body.

Use one or all of our tips in order to decrease the risk of getting this degenerative joint disease.

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Prevention for Osteoarthritis, Joint Health

Pay Attention To Your Weight

If you want to lower the risk, it's important to avoid gaining too much weight. When people do put on excess pounds, their risk for osteoarthritis goes way up. Unfortunately, extra weight places strain on the joints and this may lead to joint cartilage deterioration.

Those who are obese or overweight definitely boost the odds of getting this “wear and tear” form of arthritis. Also, if you're already experiencing these symptoms, you should know that losing weight may be the key to relieving discomfort and improving your symptoms.

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Embrace a Gentle Exercise Routine

Regular movement is definitely one of the best forms of prevention for osteoarthritis. When considering which gentle exercise type to adopt, be sure to take warm-ups into account. When you warm up your muscles before doing exercise, it will be much better for your body.

Aquatics and walking will be smart choices. Exercising in the water will provide natural buoyancy which is so gentle on joints. As well, walking is an easy movement and you may go at your own pace.

Without exercise, you increase the risk of osteoarthritis. We recommend doing gentle exercise which includes stretching as a warm-up, at least four times per week. We are designed to move and, more and more, we tend to stay inside as we watch TV and use computer hardware. Also, we often stare into our phones when we're out and about.

Being mindful of the importance of movement and getting gentle exercise will be great for you.

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Watch Out for Diabetes

A lot of people who have osteoarthritis also have diabetes. If you're not already diabetic, you should pay close attention to your diet. Avoid sugary, processed foods and other triggers for diabetes. Excess weight and lack of physical activity may also trigger Type II diabetes.

Diabetes will tend to spark the loss of cartilage, so doing all that you can do avoid it, via the right diet and lifestyle, will definitely be smart.

Protect Your Joints from Strain

Joints which take a lot of abuse may degenerate faster. When you protect your joints with protective gear, during sports, lifting or household tasks, they may work well for longer. For example, if you're doing a household task which requires you to be on your knees, then you should consider buying knee pads which take the strain off of your joints.

When you play sports, wear all of the recommended protective gear. Then, you'll protect your joints for the future as well as increase your odds of osteoarthritis prevention.

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Prevention for Osteoarthritis

Follow Our Helpful Tips Today

We believe that sensible lifestyle adjustments are the best preventative measures. If you want to avoid osteoarthritis, you'll find that following our tips helps you to do it.

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